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Ans: Creating a Hoicko account is a simple process. Start by visiting the and clicking on the "Sign Up" button. Fill in your email address or with mobile no., and OTP will be sent your email or mobile no. for further verification. Now fill up the personal detail as asked.
Once verified, you can log in to your Hoicko account using your registered email and password
To gain a better understanding, take a look at this: Link of signUp video

Ans: Sharing widgets in, a fine inquiry indeed!
To accomplish this task, you may follow these steps:
Locate the widget you wish to share with your esteemed team member. Hover over the widget until you see a three-dot menu icon appear in the top-right corner. Click on the three-dot menu icon and select the "Share" option from the drop-down menu.
You can search your esteemed team member with their email or by their name in the Widget View Member window, and then click on "Ok".
You also have the option to share a particular created widget to a team member. Click on the six-dots will be visible at the right side of the particular widgets and then click on the share option from the drop down menu and then add the team member you wanted to share. Widgets to.

Ans: If you would like to switch your email address on your Hoicko profile, follow these simple steps.
Click on the profile icon at the left down corner of the screen. A pop up appear with the option of “My Profile”. A window opens with your personal information. Here you can see the option of E-mail. In this you can switch email address according to your requirement.
Then an OTP will be received on the email you have switched to verification.

Ans: Yes, but only admin have the access to download team members details.
Click on the profile icon at the left down corner of the screen. A pop up appear with the option for “User Management”. Click on the three dots beside the option “Add New” which appears on the top right corner of the window. Select the option of Export excel from the drop down menu.
The team members details will be successfully exported in the excel form.

Ans: Creating and deleting boards on your Hoicko account is a breeze! To create a board, simply log in to your Hoicko account, navigate to the dashboard, and click on the "Create New Board" option in the drop down menu appears three dots beside the workspace name. Give your board a catchy name and customize it with relevant tags and descriptions.
To delete a board, go in the workspace section beside the board name, click on the three lines appears and then click on “Delete Board” and confirm your action.
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